TOX•INK: What’s Under Your Skin? is a series of posters, handouts and a website to raise awareness about the concerns related to tattoo inks. This campaign will allow people who are interested in tattoos – people who are considering of getting one, people who already have tattoos, and tattoo artists – to become more aware of the concerns caused by tattoo inks by viewing the information provided in the campaign.

Date: 2012
Services: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Photography, Copywrite

What’s Under You’re Skin?

Concerns discussed include the health complications caused by tattoo inks, the toxic ingredients used for making these inks, and the lack of regulation for tattoo ink products. After being informed of these concerns, viewers will be able to make better decision about what tattoo inks to use and will better understand the risks that they may experience in the future once exposed to toxic tattoo inks. Viewers may also raise questions about the government’s lack of regulation for tattoo inks.

Then and now…

Prior to the campaign, I researched about the history of tattoo in all parts of the world. After reading materials in relation to tattoos, I realized that many of the materials explored the culture and meaning of the art, but not the technicality of tattooing. I proceeded to research for article and came across a handful of studies on how tattoo inks and the risks of embedding them under the skin. Tox•ink is a project to reflect my understanding and concern of modern tattooing topics, and to provoke thoughts, discussion and awareness to the modern craft of tattooing.